01 NOV 2017 - 20 FEB 2018


In and around Bhuj
Go to Aina Mahal

Aina Mahal

A walk through the maze of winding streets leads to the exquisite Aina Mahal Palace (Palace of Mirrors). It showcases a fascinating Indo-Dutch style of architecture.

Go to Prag Mahal

Prag Mahal

Next door to the Aina Mahal, in the same walled compound, is the giant Prag Mahal, which may as first seem slightly out of place at the far western edge of India,looking more appropriate in France.

Go to Mandvi


Mandvi is known for its pristine beach with crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea. Private luxurious tented accommodation is the best option to relax on the beach.

Go to Dholavira


Dholavira is one of the most remarkable excavations of the indus Valley civilization or the Harappan culture dating back to approx. 2500 BC.


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